The headlines, as well as the public’s and healthcare professionals’ attention, have been fixated on the COVID-19 pandemic for more than 6 months now. As urgent care provides know, however, that doesn’t stop people from needing care for “typical” complaints. It also doesn’t keep people from the dangers of medications in the home, whether that manifests as temptation to misuse opioids or taking outdated drugs that could either harm them or just not do what they’re supposed to do. The operators of PeaceHealth Southwest Urgent Care in Vancouver, WA recognize this and are taking part in a community drug drop-off event this month. For four hours on Saturday, October 24, residents are invited to drop off unused and expired medications at four locations, including the urgent care center. Best of all, the organizers have ensured COVID-19 safety by making it a drive-through event at all locations. There’s no cost to the public, and the potentially dangerous drugs will be disposed of safely and in compliance with the law. Health fairs and lunch-and-learn programs may be out of the question for now, but consider ways you can still interact with the people who need your advice—who are also prospective patients—in a way that’s both safe and pro-social.

Drug Mishaps and Addiction Don’t Stop for the Pandemic; Neither Should Your Community Support Projects
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