Already one of the largest U.S. companies to offer both urgent care and occupational medicine services, Concentra is continuing a slow but consistent practice of buying small local and regional urgent care and occ med networks. The latest acquisition is southern Colorado’s EmergiCare, which operates four urgent care locations in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.  Concentra already operates 21 clinics in the region. Over the past 2 years, Concentra has acquired 12 other occupational medicine providers, bringing their overall location count to 520 occ med and urgent care clinics in eight states. It’s important to note that occ med is not the exclusive domain of major chain operators, however. There’s room for local urgent care operators to establish a potentially lucrative occ med business with employers and worksites in their area, as well. JUCM publishes original content to inform and support urgent care operators who offer occ med services on a regular basis. For an introduction to that ongoing series, read Foundation of Occupational Medicine in the Urgent Care Setting in our archive.

Concentra Continues Gobbling Up Local and Regional Urgent Care Networks
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