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Just a month ago, we told you the number of current cases of Candida auris had more than doubled (from 13 to 35) in the United States. Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that at least 61 people have been diagnosed with C auris in recent years, and called the current situation a “catastrophic threat” to public health. The mortality rate for C auris infection is about 60%. The greatest concern is that C auris has become resistant to many antifungal drugs. Symptoms of the infection that could drive people to visit your urgent care center include ear discomfort, fatigue and weakness, disorientation, confusion, fever, and chills. Be vigilant for patients who are at greatest risk: those who have undergone surgery recently, had central venous catheters, or been hospitalized for long periods, and those with diabetes.

CDC Steps Up C auris Warnings as Cases—and Deaths—Climb
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