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Just weeks ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed there had been more than 2,300 cases of mumps confirmed around the country—more than twice the number that occurred in all of 2015. Today there are over 2,000 under investigation in Arkansas alone, with several other states still reporting higher-than-average outbreaks. Urgent care clinicians in college towns should be aware that campuses in affected areas have been especially hard hit. The University of Missouri Health Center has seen 193 cases of mumps this academic year, with most of the patients reporting social interactions with friends who have mumps. Officials there are recommending that all students get a third measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine. Washington and New York states are also seeing more cases than usual. Urgent care operators should check their inventory MMR vaccine and, if able, inform health officers in surrounding communities that you’re available to help contain any local outbreaks.

Can You Help Stem Nationwide Outbreak of Mumps?
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