As we’ve reported, there seems to be confusion among the public regarding when it’s relatively safe to interact with others after being vaccinated against COVID-19. The consensus among public health officials has been that the vaccine reaches optimal protection against the virus 14 days after administration. However, recently there have been reports of breakthrough cases occurring beyond that window. While patients who’ve tested positive more than 2 weeks after getting the vaccine have been asymptomatic, to date, they’re still able to pass the virus along to others. Fourteen such cases have occurred in Minnesota alone. Oregon has reported four cases—again, with patients being asymptomatic or experiencing mild symptoms. Officials are asking that urgent care centers and other healthcare facilities report any cases in which patients test positive at least 14 days after completing their vaccination schedule as efficiently as possible. Bear this in mind when patients ask if they still need to take precautions against spread after being vaccinated.

Be Vigilant for Breakthrough COVID-19 in Vaccinated Individuals
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