The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has instituted a course correction regarding reimbursement for COVID-19 vaccination. As of March 15, CMS has increased the amount from approximately $28 to $40 for the single-dose vaccine and approximately $45 to $80 for those requiring the two-dose schedule. CMS says the decision to increase reimbursement reflects the growing body of information about the actual costs involved in administering the vaccine across different settings by an array of providers (eg, physicians, pharmacists…). The agency is hopeful that this move, combined with updating their set of toolkits for healthcare professionals and insurers, will help quicken the pace at which vaccines are administered across the country. To read the complete announcement from CMS, click here.

When Will CMS Boost Reimbursement for the COVID-19 Vaccine? (How Does ‘Now’ Sound?)
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