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“Two weeks” has come to be viewed as some kind of magic number for resolution of COVID-19 symptoms and risk for transmitting the virus to close contacts. That may be shortsighted for at least some patients, however. Something called post COVID-19 syndrome has been identified by physicians at the Mayo Clinic after recognizing that some patients continue to experience intense fatigue, headaches, and difficulty concentrating for weeks—or even months—after they’re deemed to be virus-free. The official standard for diagnosis with post COVID-19 syndrome is presence of symptoms 4 weeks after original infection in patients who no longer have the virus. Mayo Clinic reports that it can last as long as 6 months, and that there don’t seem to be any predisposing factors as to which patients will be affected. Urgent care clinicians should be aware that the syndrome exists and that it does not necessarily indicate that patients are experiencing a recurrence of the virus—and counsel patients accordingly.

Be Aware: Just Because a Patient is ‘Over’ COVID-19 Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Still Suffering
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