Many retail outlets are trying desperately to capture revenue from the seemingly endless need for COVID-19 testing facilities. Some, such as national drugstore chains, are doing so successfully. Others face steep obstacles, however. Costco, for one, has tried hard to make it convenient for customers to self-test for the virus by offering a home version. The first challenge they encountered was the fact that many people who get a COVID-19 test are doing so to clear the way for travel, or a return to work or school—and need documentation stating that they’re clear to be on site. Costco worked out a video documentation system, but it still takes several days to get the kit from Costco once it’s ordered. That’s followed by another lag as the test is shipped back to Costco for analysis. It’s a great system if you can wait a week or so to even find out whether you have the virus. Even then, what if the test is positive and the patient needs care? Then they need to head to their primary care doctor or the urgent care center anyway. Do patients and yourself a favor and ensure that your community knows if you have ample test supplies. Their health, and your future, could depend on it.

Retailer Efforts to Grab COVID-19 Test Customers Face Steep Obstacles—Such as Immediacy
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