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When Alexa talks to patients with type 2 diabetes, apparently they listen.  A study in JAMA Network Open found patients gained better glycemic control when they engaged with an artificial intelligence (AI) voice app—which was customized by their respective clinicians to help them achieve optimal insulin dosing. App users demonstrated significantly better insulin adherence and glycemic improvement during the 2-month trial. Glycemic control was measured by mean fasting blood glucose, rather than HbA1c. The app was not programmed to independently calculate the patients’ dose titration, and functions also included emergency protocols to handle hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, the researchers pointed out.

Here’s a bonus: Patients who used the real-time voice app also said they felt significantly less stressed about their diabetes. In an interview with Medpage Today, the lead study author noted that adherence to the program was high, with 81.3% of AI app users who achieved glycemic control using the app nearly every day. The future may well include more voice-based digital solutions for daily medication titration, especially when considering the high levels of patient engagement.

AI Voice App Helps Optimize Insulin Dosing