Last summer, and certainly the seasons that followed, had most Americans struggling with disruptions in the routines and isolated from their social norms due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Young singles may have been especially frustrated with reduced opportunities to meet and mingle. Now, however, with mask mandates and social distancing restrictions largely a thing of the past, the dating seen is back in full force—with public health experts now seeming as worried about a surge in sexually transmitted disease as they are about the pandemic itself. The executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors was even quoted by NBC News as saying he and his colleagues have taken to referring to this as the “summer of love.” Given that they obviously also consider this to be the summer of STDs, this is a good time to remind you that JUCM has published numerous articles on the subject from a uniquely urgent care perspective. For starters, you can read STDs: Assessment and Treatment in Urgent Care and Syphilis in the Urgent Care Center right now.

After the Pandemic Blues, Public Health Experts Fear an Onslaught of STD Cases