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Urgent message: The second UCA Benchmarking Survey takes one small step toward filling the information gap in urgent care medicine.

Although the practice of urgent care medicine is not a new phenomenon, there is a significant absence of reliable information about the industry.

One first step toward filling that void was initiated last year when the Urgent Care Association’s Benchmarking Committee released the results of its first-ever benchmarking survey of UCA members and others in the industry. Results of this year’s survey were released during the UCA Annual Convention in Daytona Beach, FL, last month.

Both surveys share the common goal of beginning to gather data in specific areas of interest to urgent care owners, administrators, and practitioners. More rigorous study and surveys of greater depth are a priority for UCA and are planned for the upcoming years.

Among the issues covered in the first survey were hours of operation, ownership structure, payor data, per-patient charges, and more.

While UCA members are the first to see the results, the association’s perspective is that the survey can play a small role in addressing the information needs of the entire urgent care industry.

Addressing the Data Drought