After a couple of light seasons (presumably due to hygiene precautions designed to reduce spread of COVID-19), a full-force return of seasonal influenza was expected. What may not have been expected, however, is that said return of flu would occur well past what we consider the “season” to be. That’s exactly what’s happening in Florida right now, though—and the surge is coinciding with recent outbreaks of respiratory syncytial virus, as well. All told, there have been nine flu outbreaks and two RSV. Consequently, more patients are being diagnosed with flu and RSV in the state’s emergency rooms and urgent care centers than the previous 3-year average for this time. Interestingly, only one case was coinfection with COVID-19. One caveat: Comparisons need to be taken with a grain of salt as flu cases have been at historic lows since April 2020; as such, comparing current data with those collected at the height of the pandemic may be misleading.

A Potentially Deadly Duo of Respiratory Viruses Is Descending on Florida. Who Could Be Next?