Zoom+Care has carved out an identity for itself as a tech-savvy provider of urgent care services on a regional level in the Pacific Northwest. According to a report posted on Geekwire.com, however, the company says it’s going to devote more energy into offering virtual medicine services—to the extent that they think they reach nearly 8 million more patients in Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. There are also plans to open additional brick-and-mortar facilities in both states. It could be a natural fit for the company, which was bought by PeaceHealth 2 years ago, as they’ve become known for their reliance on online apps and portals for scheduling, payment, and access to medical records. However, like many urgent care operators, they found it advantageous to offer more telehealth since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, claiming that they’ve conducted more than 70,000 virtual visits since March. JUCM has been tracking the Zoom+Care story for some time. For a good overview, read Portland’s Zoom+: An Integrated Health System Built on Urgent Care in our archive.

Zoom+Care Thinks Telehealth Will Boost Their Reach Dramatically
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