ZOOM+Care and Aetna are going to collaborate on an accountable care initiative in three Oregon counties, with the stated aim of cutting healthcare costs by up to 15% for employers in the Portland area. Offerings under the Aetna Whole Health ─ ZOOM+Care plan will be available starting July 1, though Aetna sales reps are quoting plans to local insurance producers as we speak. The partners plan to enable patients to use mobile phones to schedule same-day primary care, urgent care, and specialty visits at ZOOM+Care neighborhood clinics; to check lab results; and to view online medical records. On the business side, the partners say they’ll implement a “new” payment model that rewards providers for meeting certain quality measures, such as the percentage of members who get recommended preventive care and screenings; better management of patients with certain chronic conditions; reductions in avoidable hospital readmission rates; and reductions in emergency room visits. ZOOM+Care has 36 clinics in Portland and Seattle. JUCM has offered insights into ZOOM+Care’s operations; From ZoomCare to Zoom+: What Can Urgent Care Learn? and Portland’s Zoom+: An Integrated Health System Built on Urgent Care are available in our archive.

ZOOM+Care Teams Up with Aetna on New Accountable Care Project in Oregon