Vaping seems to be linked to pulmonary disease—even killing some patients. Vaccine-preventable diseases like measles are reappearing in alarming numbers. Flu season is coming, and the public needs to be reminded that they need to wash their hands regularly and stay home from work if they have symptoms that could be the result of influenza infection. More and more, healthcare news is mainstream news, and local television stations, cable news outlets, online publications, and newspapers need to know who they can turn to in order to get reliable information to pass along to their audiences. Whoever that may be is likely to be seen and remembered by thousands of area residents who could become patients. Why can’t it be you, or one of your colleagues? Anyone who’s watched Fox News over the past few years has had the chance to see this principle in action. Janette Nesheiwat, MD has appeared there regularly, contributing solid medical information on topics ranging from Sen. John McCain’s cancer diagnosis to the increasing number of illnesses being attributed to e-cigarettes. She also happens to be the medical director for CityMD—which viewers are reminded of every time she appears. You literally cannot buy that kind of positive publicity. And you don’t need to appear on a national stage like she does for your urgent care business to benefit. Check out who the news director is at your local television station. Invite them to come see your operation and meet the staff. And, most importantly, let them know you or a colleague will be available for interviews when medical news is breaking. You have to then follow through on that, of course, by talking to your team and assessing their willingness and capability to do that. Being recognized in the media as a trustworthy medical practitioner may be the best, and certainly the least expensive, introduction to prospective patients who could become lifelong customers.

Your Expertise Can Be a Powerful Promotional Tool in the Community
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