JUCM News has reported on niche urgent care practices that focus on pediatrics, women’s health, and even mental health in the past. As the industry continues to prove there are no limits to its adaptability, other specialized practices continue to emerge. One, in Reno, NV addresses the needs of pain patients who may find their options for care dwindling as pain clinics suffer the same downturn as many other settings in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Television station KOLO aired a report on United Pain Urgent Care, highlighting the fact that the center employs methods like nerve blocks to help patients get relief without having to resort to opioid medications. The story featured sound bites from grateful patients and clinicians alike. While a pain-centric urgent care practice is a novelty whose widespread utility is untested, its existence and local appeal demonstrate urgent care operators’ ability to recognize—and respond to—the needs of the communities they serve.

Where Can Pain Patients Go in the Midst of the Pandemic? One Urgent Care Center Has an Answer
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