Would a prospective patient who lands on your homepage after a Google search or seeing one of your ads be able to tell the difference between your center and the one four blocks down? If you’re Sequoia Prompt Care in Visalia, CA they would. The first things a web visitor to their website sees, in big bold letters, is “Click here to QuickPass the waiting room!” Follow that direction and you’re taken to another screen that tells you the wait time at each of the company’s two clinics, displayed on a map showing their locations, and giving you the option to register online so you can “bypass the waiting room experience.” Online registration is becoming more and more common in urgent care centers, but it’s important to tell patients exactly where to go, virtually speaking, to make it as easy as possible for them to choose you over your competitors. The prominence of the QuickPass option, which is administered by a company called Clockwise.MD, on Sequoia’s website takes a giant step in that direction. Industry watchers have taken notice, too; Sequoia recently won an Excellence Through Insight award for patient satisfaction from HealthStream, a national health metrics vendor that Sequoia Prompt Care uses to gather patient satisfaction data by phone. Sequoia achieved the highest-rated patient satisfaction scores in the nation for an urgent care, based on how patients rated their overall visit to Sequoia Prompt Care, along with their interactions with staff and physicians.

Does Your Website Offer Patients Enough Direction?
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