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While convenient access to quality, affordable care has been the defining characteristic of the urgent care setting from its inception, the growth of the industry has been fueled by constant innovation and responsiveness to the evolving needs and preferences of the patient. Today, that includes on-the-spot lab testing. Languishing for hours in a hospital waiting area is a miserable prospect when patients are feeling ill, so they’re likely to choose an urgent care center over the ED. If Center A has lab testing on site and Center B is only going to send them somewhere else for a test, guess which one is going to get that visit—and the associated revenue and possibly a loyal customer.

Setting up your urgent care operations to offer on-site lab testing is not as daunting a process as you might expect, provided you have good information and a sound understanding of what you need to do from the start. Lee Resnick, MD, FAAFP and Milly Keeler, BSMT (ASCP), CLC (AMT), CCCP will provide an in-depth preview of that process in Optimizing Your On-Site Urgent Care Lab for Clinical Quality and Patient Satisfaction  a free webinar hosted by JUCM®, The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine® on Thursday, June 29, 2017, 2:00–3:00 pm, EDT and sponsored by Abbott Point of Care.

On-site lab tests not only make life easier for patients who value convenience; they are also becoming a clinical imperative. Diagnostic certainty is essential as providers seek quick, accurate answers to facilitate early treatment and foster positive outcomes.

Dr. Resnick is editor-in-chief of JUCM; Ms. Keeler is a CLIA specialist with DoctorsManagement and Keeler Laboratory Consulting. Register here to reserve a spot for this essential discussion.

Webinar: On-site Lab Tests Are a Clinical Imperative—and Set Your Clinic Apart from the Rest

Lee A. Resnick, MD, FAAFP

Chief Medical and Operating Officer at WellStreet Urgent Care, Assistant Clinical Professor at Case Western Reserve University, Editor-In-Chief for The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine
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