Patients can get flu shots—and now, COVID-19 vaccines—in a lot of locations other than your urgent care center. And certainly providing a couple of vaccines is not going to be a significant revenue stream. However, with so many people still in need of both, encouraging as many of them as possible to receive both vaccines could be viewed as a public service—and one that could help introduce you to countless families who could become long-term visitors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created a social media tool kit to help healthcare providers draw the public’s attention to this year’s flu shots. It includes print (posters, flyers, patient-friendly fact sheets), web resources, and suggested social media posts you can use to both educate patients and introduce yourself as a community resource they may not have accessed before—but one they’ll likely remember the next time a family member needs care.

Want More Patients to Know You’re There? Try an Immunization Social Media Campaign
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