If you’ve been following JUCM News or the “snapshot” surveys the Urgent Care Association has been conducting, you know that urgent care operators have been trying out telemedicine in greater numbers since the pandemic took hold in the U.S. The whole concept was new for many patients, as well—but according to a study by Accenture at least 60% of patients who have used virtual care tools recently say they would like to use technology to interact with healthcare providers more in the future. Not surprisingly, the survey revealed that many patients tried telemedicine for the first time because they were afraid they’d be exposed to COVID-19 if they visited a healthcare facility in person. Whether that fear is warranted it not, 70% of the survey participants said they’ve deferred or canceled at least some element of their medical care during the pandemic, leaving them to conclude that telemedicine could be a suitable alternative.

Virtual Care Is a Hit with Patients Who’ve Tried It During the Pandemic—and They Want More
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