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Summertime means more leisure time for most Americans, and the warmer weather can serve as a welcome invitation to enjoy outdoor activities that are inaccessible during much of the year. It’s also a great time to let residents in your area (and visitors from out of town, for that matter) know your capabilities to assist with seasonal health concerns. The operators of Mercy Urgent Care know western North Carolina is an appealing destination for hikers—and ticks. So, as long as supplies last, they’re offering tick removal kits in its five area locations. Of course, as soon as a new visitor walks in the door they’ll see the signage letting them know how much Mercy has to offer, and be helped by friendly staff that may invite them back when they need same-day care. MedExpress Urgent Care in Duluth, MN took to the airwaves to try to educate television news viewers on how to avoid summer injuries and illnesses like poison ivy, dehydration, severe sunburn, and E coli. (Hopefully, they’ll remember to visit MedExpress for immediate help if they’re not able to avoid those hot weather pitfalls.) Finally, across the country in Texas, MedExpress is getting a jump on autumn by offering free sports physicals through August 7. In promoting that offer, MedExpress also shares its locations, days and hours of operation, and the range of services its clinicians are prepared to manage. Every season has its own appeals, and accompanying risks. Reminding potential customers you’re there to help is a “win” for everyone involved.

Use Seasonal Promotional Messages to Invite New Patients to Your Urgent Care Centers