Ownership structure gets talked about a lot in urgent care circles. Where entrepreneurial physicians essentially created the industry, it wasn’t too long before venture capitalists and health systems wanted in on the action and started gobbling up existing operators. Today those entities dominate. That doesn’t mean there are no other paths to success in the industry, however. The Franchise Times just announced that American Family Care cracked their list of the 200 fastest-growing franchises, coming in at number 132 out of 500 franchise-based businesses studied, based on system-wide sales of $595 million for the previous year. The top 200, which represent all industries, grew by a combined total of $26.9 billion. The health and medical category was the leader, though, based on overall growth of 14.5%. AFC has urgent care, accessible primary care, and occupational medicine businesses under its umbrella.

Urgent Care Operations Can Flourish as Franchises, Too
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