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A couple who both complained of vomiting and diarrhea on a Saturday morning could easily be dismissed as partygoers who overindulged the night before. William Rose, MD, FACEP took the time to dig a little deeper, though, and ultimately wound up heading off a possible Salmonella outbreak in West Virginia. The WVU Urgent Care physician thought the symptoms were more indicative of food poisoning than a sour stomach; he told the health department as much and follow-up on their part revealed the source to be a fast food restaurant where the couple had eaten. A third person who ate at the same restaurant was also confirmed to have Salmonella poisoning, but thanks to Rose (and the health department, working with the restaurant) it spread nor further. The Monongalia County Health Department recognized Rose officially by naming him its inaugural Hero of Public Health. Commissioner Dr. Lee Smith commended Rose for going “above and beyond what most people do. Because of his response, it was only three people.”

Urgent Care Doc Lauded as ‘Hero of Public Health’