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Just days ago, we told you about an urgent care center in Texas opening its doors as a collection center for area residents to drop off relief supplies for victims of Hurricane Harvey. The even-better news is that more urgent care centers around the country continue to extend themselves to help. FastMed announced three of its Houston-area centers are offering free tetanus boosters through Sunday, September 10. The shots are available to anyone 18 and older who lives in an area affected by Harvey, and who is not up to date on, or is unsure of, their tetanus immunization status. Further east, Fast Pace Urgent Care is encouraging its neighbors in Tennessee to donate food, clothing, cleaning supplies and other necessities to victims of the storm; residents can drop off their contributions to any Fast Pace location. Unfortunately, with multiple hurricanes brewing in the Atlantic, it looks like there will be still more opportunities for the urgent care community to come forward to help those in need.

More Urgent Care Centers Step Up for Hurricane Harvey Relief
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