First, the good news: According to the latest UCA/CUCM COVID-19 survey of how urgent care centers are faring during the pandemic, 61% of respondents are “actively hiring,” while another 7% are “actively planning for needs, but not yet hiring.” Sixteen percent say they’re “awaiting actual volume surges to make a decision” while another 16% “do not anticipate a need to change our staffing model.” Those that are waiting to see more patients return may not have to wait that long, as the survey pool reported business is up 5.2% compared with this time last year. The corresponding challenge will be meeting their needs with the supplies on site. Even though the overall testing situation has improved dramatically since last spring, 28% of respondents say they’re experiencing a shortage or lack of COVID-19 test kits. And 49% are low on disinfecting wipes. There’s a dearth of both gowns and N-95 masks in 26% of urgent care centers, too, while 25% say they need more hand sanitizer.

Urgent Care Centers Are Hiring—Now if They Can Get Enough Supplies, They’ll Be in Business
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