Just last week we told you the federal government is allowing COVID-19 emergency declarations to expire without renewal for the first time since they were enacted to help protect the public and healthcare professionals from infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The first two—the national emergency declaration and the public health emergency—are set to expire on May 11. Now comes word that states are starting to rescind rules imposed during the pandemic. As reported by Becker’s Hospital Review, starting April 3 healthcare workers in California will no longer be required to mask or get vaccinated against COVID-19. (For what it’s worth, the California Nurses Association is against the move.) Masking requirements will also disappear in Oregon and Washington state on April 3, according to KATU news. State health officials in Oregon, however, say they expect hospitals to recommend use of masks on an as-needed basis. Monitor notifications from your own state health department to ensure your urgent care operations are up to date.

Update: States Are Dropping Pandemic Rules for Healthcare Workers. What’s the Status in Yours?