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It wasn’t long ago that we shared data, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, indicating that a 3-day course of remdesivir reduced risk for hospitalization or death in patients with COVID-19 and certain comorbidities but who had not yet been hospitalized with the virus. Since then—starting with misinformation shared during a panel discussion in the U.S. Senate—there has been chatter that rather than saving lives, use of remdesivir actually increases risk of death among COVID-19 patients by 3%. One ivermectin-touting physician went as far as to state remdesivir “is a toxic drug.” MedPage Today just fact checked those claims and “could not find any evidence in the scientific literature that showed remdesivir was associated with an increased risk of death.” Rather, the article goes on to say, remdesivir has been associated with lower risk for death, though not to a statistically significant degree.

Update: Dispel the Myth That Remdesivir Is Killing People