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As noted in the latest benchmarking data on the urgent care industry, the very nature of on-demand care has changed since the birth of the Urgent Care Association of America. To demonstrate that this is not a time for “business as usual,” UCAOA announced at its recent annual convention in Las Vegas that it’s changing its name to the Urgent Care Association (UCA) and expanding its offerings to include new providers and technologies that are essential to the delivery of high-quality, on-demand care. Its new tagline, Gateway to better, is meant to convey its ability to offer comprehensive resources that foster growth in the industry as it continues to become even more fast-paced and consumer-driven. UCA CEO Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC called out the increasing popularity of telemedicine and occupational medicine as examples of how consumer preferences are shaping the ongoing evolution of the overall marketplace. The rebranding is also a reflection of the broadening definition of “urgent care,” notes a statement from UCA. “Urgent care is no longer a place, but has evolved into the delivery of care administered when and how a patient wants it.” UCA details all the elements of its reboot on its website. (JUCM is the official publication of the UCA.)

UCAOA Reimagines Itself as UCA to Reflect the Evolution of On-Demand Care
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