Patients complaining of abdominal pain in the urgent care center may be as common as they are concerning. Most of the time the cause will be relatively benign—but those that aren’t can go very badly very quickly. Consequently, the Urgent Care Association asked Michael Nelson, PA-C to host a webinar featuring the best, newest available literature on the subject. Evidence-Based Approach to Abdominal Pain in Urgent Care is scheduled for Thursday, August 1st at 1 pm, Central. Take part and you’ll learn how to perform a thorough and appropriate PE and HPI for patients presenting with abdominal pain; identify evidence-based clinical decision-making tools that are appropriate for use in the urgent care environment; utilize appropriate clinical decision-making tools to formulate an appropriate plan of care for patients with abdominal pain; differentiate those patients presenting with abdominal pain that require a higher level of care for further assessment and management; and evaluate how sensitivity and specificity affect our interpretation of common PE findings. The presenter is clinic operations manager and a practicing clinician with Affinity Urgent Care in the Southeastern areas of the Houston and Galveston, TX. Cost to take part in the webinar is $50 for UCA members and $100 for nonmembers. For more information on the webinar and registration, visit the event homepage.

UCA Webinar: Ab Pain is a Vexing Complaint; an Evidence-Based Approach Can Save Lives
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