Americans will be traveling to see family or enjoy getaways in increasing numbers as the winter holidays and school breaks approach. Inevitably, along with the fun there will be skiing accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, and other cold-weather mishaps. Some of those unfortunate events will take place in resort areas, where people don’t have a clue where to turn for convenient care. Durango Urgent Care, clearly, foresaw this need and has arranged to open a location on the premises of Colorado’s Purgatory Resort ski area. According to an article published by the Durango Herald, the timing is perfect in light of the fact that Centura Health recently shut down a facility on the site due to funding issues. The new urgent care location will be staffed by a physician or a physician assistant, a nurse, and an x-ray technician to perform imaging services on site. Clearly, not every winter getaway destination has the capability (or even the need) to be a viable site for a standalone urgent care center—but most could benefit from striking an arrangement with one urgent care operator they can count on to care for guests. Why not yours? Consider what recreational activities are likely to draw winter tourists to your area and reach out to local proprietors.

Travelers Need a Go-To When Their Getaways Turn Injurious. Why Not Your UCC?
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