By the time August rolls around, parents may be running out of ideas on how to keep the kids occupied with healthy outdoor summer pursuits. That’s also around the time they have to start thinking about ensuring vaccinations are up to date, and sports physicals have cleared them to compete in the fall. Immediate Care Medical Walk-In of New Jersey hit on a way to reach out to families with those concerns while also giving back to the community. On August 19, the company plans to host its fifth annual Kids Fishing Trip, which sends around 60 children and adults out on a 75-foot charter boat for a day of fun and angling on the water. There are first-, second-, and third-place prizes for kids who catch the biggest fish, too, all donated by areas businesses and sponsors. Even better, proceeds from the day go to support community organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters in counties where Immediate Care has locations. All the while, the Immediate Care name is embedded in the minds of all who benefit. Local media coverage explains a bit about the business, such as its capabilities, locations, and hours of operation. What could you do in your neck of the woods to support your community—while also introducing yourself to potential new patients? The benefits for all could be tremendous.

To Reel in New Patients, You Need the Right Bait
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