Constant distractions, overindulging in alcohol, the potential for slick driving conditions, and other seasonal risks add up to greater likelihood of injury and illness at this time of year—making for an estimated increase of 10% to 15% in trips to urgent care centers and emergency rooms, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Holiday decorating alone accounts for roughly 15,000 trips to the ED. Further, many people spend the holidays far from home—and far away from their primary care providers. That just encourages visits to urgent care centers even more. Ensure visitors and area residents alike know when you’re open to treat them. Update your location’s website, social media, and signage to prominently display everyday and holiday hours, as well as the array of services you offer. And if your doors will be closed on a given day, direct prospective patients to another location under your company’s umbrella.

Tis the Season—for More Trips to Urgent Care and the ED
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