Recognizing that urgent care centers provide excellent, cost-effective care efficiently and safely (and that this flu season could be especially perilous), the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is recommending that vets who participate in the VA health system visit their local UC center to get a no-cost flu shot. Urgent care operators can ensure they’re on the radar by taking the following steps, outlined by the VA:

  • Determine which Community Care Network (CCN) region you are part of
  • Confirm the veteran’s identity by checking their government-issued ID
  • Check to make sure they are eligible for the flu vaccine, paid for by VA
  • Enter the appropriate electronic billing information according to the CCN region in which you are located
  • Administer the flu vaccine
  • Provide documentation of the flu vaccination

The VA created a web page specifically to share information on the program for both veterans and providers. Click here for complete details. (And remember: charging eligible Veterans any type of fee or copayment for receiving the flu vaccine is forbidden).

The VA Is Nudging Veterans to Get Flu Shots at an Urgent Care Center. Why Not Yours?
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