JUCM News readers are well aware that there’s been tremendous merger-and-acquisition activity in the urgent care marketplace in 2022—and it’s certainly not cooling off in the midsummer period. Most recently, WellNow Urgent Care acquired Physicians Immediate Care and its 55 urgent care and occupational medicine facilities in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. That brings the total number of WellNow centers to 128 in six states. And Fast Pace Health just completed its previously announced investment in First Care Clinics, which will enable the company to dig deeper roots in rural areas in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. First Care locations will be rebranded with the Fast Pace name. Fast Pace is one of the properties in Revelstoke Capital Partners’ portfolio of healthcare services companies. The deal is just the latest example of a phenomenon identified in an article JUCM published recently. Read Why Private Equity and Other ‘Smart Money’ Is Bullish on Brick-and-Mortar Urgent Care to see what we mean.

The Urgent Care Marketplace Just Keeps Getting Hotter
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