Staff shortages, COVID-19, supply-chain challenges…the list of obstacles facing urgent care operators is both long and increasingly longstanding. Those obstacles continue to be overcome all over the country, however, thanks to the flexibility, persistence, and resilience our industry is known for. Of the top 15 companies (by number of clinics) whose locations provide walk-in/on-demand care, 12 are urgent care operators; the other three are retail clinics. Among the UC entities are the following companies, each of which can boast at least 100 clinics as of June 2021, courtesy of National Urgent Care Realty:

Concentra (499 locations)

American Family Care (290)

GoHealth Urgent Care (183)

CareNow Urgent Care (176)

MedExpress Urgent Care (170)

Fast Pace Urgent Care (168)

CityMD Urgent Care (158)

WellNow Urgent Care (131)

NextCare Urgent Care (128)

Carbon Health Urgent Care (107)

FastMed (101)

The Urgent Care Industry Is Proving Its Resilience Despite Tough Times
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