After a few weeks of feeling like we’re moving in the right direction in winning the fight against COVID-19, it appears that the United States is instead sinking back into familiar, if unfortunate, territory. As noted by experts from Johns Hopkins, Duke, and Harvard universities quoted in a report from USA Today, however, indications are that we will fare far better than in summers past. For one thing, hospitalizations are lower than in previous waves, and data from Johns Hopkins reveal that around 100 fewer people are dying each day from COVID-related causes (last year at this time there were approximately 450 deaths reported daily). Nonetheless, case rates continue to grow in 21 states. Given the level of exposure urgent care providers and staff face every day at work, it appears the time for relaxing your own mask requirements just got kicked a bit further down the road.

The U.S. Is in Another Wave of COVID-19—the Sixth One, if You’ve Somehow Lost Track
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