Though ivermectin has been the most widely discussed medication purported to help fight or prevent COVID-19, metformin and fluvoxamine have also been put forth by some as candidates to draw the pandemic to a quick close. And each of them has proven to be highly effective within their approved indications. The problem is that none has been helpful in fighting SARS-CoV-2, according to research published by The New England Journal of Medicine. After randomly assigning 1,431 subjects to one of six groups (metformin plus fluvoxamine; metformin plus ivermectin; metformin plus placebo; placebo plus fluvoxamine; placebo plus ivermectin; or placebo plus placebo), the researchers reported that “none of the three medications…prevented the occurrence of hypoxemia, an emergency department visit, hospitalization, or death associated with COVID-19.”

The Evidence Is in: Medications ‘Repurposed’ for COVID-19 Fail to Do the Trick
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