Understandably, pregnant patients can get pretty conservative when it comes to what they’re willing to put in their body. Unfortunately, that has led some in recent years to decline getting fully vaccinated against COVID-19. While their intentions are virtuous—protecting their unborn children—their choices are not necessarily sound from a clinical perspective. In fact, newly published evidence of the safety of vaccines for pregnant patients may be useful in convincing vaccine-hesitant women that getting vaccinated is a safe choice. According to an article published by The Journal of the American Medical Association, COVID-19 vaccination “was not significantly associated with an increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes” compared with no vaccination in pregnant women. The population-based retrospective cohort study reflects 157,521 deliveries in Norway and Sweden in women who were vaccinated during their second or third trimester of pregnancy.

Tell Your Pregnant Patients: COVID Vaccination Does Not Increase Risk for Adverse Outcomes
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