The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) established its TSA Pre program to give air travelers a chance to lessen waiting time while maintaining federal rules designed to ensure safe flights. That’s not too far removed from urgent care’s mission of providing excellent medical care without waiting for days to see a primary care physician, and without the hours-long wait and exorbitant cost of the emergency room. As such, it makes sense that when the TSA rolled out a customized RV so people could sign up for TSA Pre in their communities an urgent care company jumped on board to help. CareNow locations hosted the TSA RV recently, offering more convenience for area residents but also getting the company’s name out there in association with a program designed to increase convenience and improve public safety. Anyone interested in signing up for TSA Pre  could make an online appointment (again, negating the need for long lines) and complete enrollment when they visited the RV—in the parking lot at CareNow. It’s likely some people who took advantage had never been to a CareNow location, so their introduction was taking part in something that would make their lives easier. What better way to strengthen brand recognition and set a positive first impression with your customer base?

Teaming Up with TSA Links Urgent Care with Convenience, Safety, and Efficiency
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