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On-site medical facilities are common in manufacturing operations and even some larger corporate offices. However, smaller businesses are starting to look at skyrocketing healthcare costs and realizing there may be real benefits in having a provider on the premises, as well. One car dealership in Albuquerque, NM has seen its health costs and absenteeism go down since bringing in a provider to check out workers who aren’t feeling well, administer flu shots, and help employees stay on track with weight loss and chronic conditions like diabetes. From the provider side, economies of scale may be especially favorable for urgent care centers that offer occupational medicine services—or those that are looking for an entry point into occ med. Consider a trial program with a local business, maybe engaging a nurse practitioner or physician assistant to be the point person, and track both the savings (and other benefits) for the client and the profitability for the operator. When trying to close the deal, emphasize the potential for both cost savings and increased productivity, as well as work force engagement and good will.

On-site Clinics: Not Just for Big Business Anymore