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Everybody wants to be recognized and understood—whatever that means in a given scenario. When that scenario is a patient in need of care, the feeling that their healthcare provider understands them as an individual goes a long way—a very long way—toward how they experience their care. In fact, according to a report from NRC Health, patients who felt like they were treated “as a unique person” during a hospital experience were 295% more likely to say that the facility they visited has an “excellent” overall image and reputation. The data were drawn from Experience Feedback surveys administered to patients within 48 hours of their encounter. NRC also conducted a series of focus groups whose feedback has been broken down into three elements: “connect with me, listen to me, and partner with me.” With positive word-of-mouth and negative social media commentary being highly influential in the urgent care marketplace, any insights into what affects a patient’s opinion about your urgent care center could be critical to your future success. Read Creating the ‘Ideal’ Urgent Care Experience to determine if you’re doing everything you can.

Showing That You ‘Understand’ Individual Patients Could Go a Long Way Toward Ensuring Their Satisfaction