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Whether it’s sensible or not, given that it would be generous to call distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine “clunky” up to this point, some large scale testing sites and public health centers are starting to shift their emphasis to immunization. In Florida, for example, the testing site located in a football stadium relocated to a much smaller mall space—with a vaccination operation moving from that mall to the stadium. So where are all the people who have to get tested before starting a new job, taking an essential trip, or simply want peace of mind supposed to go? If you play your cards right, they could be coming to your urgent care center in droves. Ensure you have ample testing supplies. Let the local health department know your capabilities to test at your location or at sites in the community. Many area residents may not have sought care from you before. Getting an introduction at a time of crisis will ease their anxiety and illustrate your value to the community and to their family’s wellbeing.

Shifting Priorities Could Open the Door to Greater Reliance on Urgent Care—if You’re Ready