People have been shut out of so many activities for so long that they may not be aware of how prepared (or unprepared) they are for minor emergencies. Fortunately, viewers of WFMY in Greensboro, NC had the chance to be reminded of items that are essential for a summer first aid kit by Philip Lamptey, MD, medical director of Cone Health’s Urgent Care Division recently. Dr. Lamptey appeared live on one of the station’s news programs to remind viewers of items every home should have on hand—simple, everyday things like bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, and more. Prospective patients were not only given good advice on taking care of themselves and their families, but were introduced to a healthcare provider who would be on hand in case they need the attention of a professional. Everybody wins. Consider how you might be able to speak directly to the patients who need you most, and who could serve as the foundation of new growth in your business. Ask the team for their ideas, and select someone as the “go to” person for any interest from local media.

Seasons Change—and so Should Your Public Outreach Campaigns
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