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LinkedIn has launched new features specifically aimed at helping nursing professionals refine job search filters on the social media site so they can find jobs more specific to their licensing and clinical specialties. Nurses can also filter job postings by shift and schedule. By sifting through the many open positions more precisely, LinkedIn aims to make a better match not only for qualifications but also for the preferences of the 3 million job-hunting nurses that use the platform. The search feature now includes 65 new nursing credentials, according to a recent blog post. A practical test of the search tool earlier this week yielded 1,871 results for the search term “urgent care nurse” when applied to all locations within the United States.

More numbers to add up: There are about 3.9 million nurses in the United States, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that more than 275,000 additional nurses are or will be needed in this decade. Employment opportunities for nurses will grow at a rate of 9% through 2026. Find nursing jobs or post your open positions in the urgent care speciality on JUCM’s Urgent Care Jobs.

Search Tool Helps Job-Hunting Nurses Find Their Specialty