Just last week we shared a story illustrating how poor access to multiple healthcare options, especially urgent care, can leave rural and tertiary communities with few choices other than the emergency room and, consequently, vulnerable to exorbitant bills for nonemergent problems. Fast Pace Urgent Care apparently recognized this as well, as it recently announced acquisition of a certified rural health provider with 15 walk-in clinics. JUCM has been tracking the opportunities that could exist for urgent care in such markets for some time. Our archives are chock full of content on how underserved rural areas will continue to be a growth emphasis for urgent care (see Rural and Tertiary Markets: The Next Urgent Care Frontier); the fact that closures of rural hospitals and emergency rooms leaves the door open—and a need—for urgent care growth (Attention Turns to Improving Rural Healthcare—and How Urgent Care Can Contribute); and how the government is incentivizing operators to open rural health clinics (The Future Has Never Looked Brighter—or More Lucrative—For Rural Urgent Care Operators).

Rural and Tertiary Markets Are Heating Up for Urgent Care