With the news dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic since last spring, it’s easy for the public to forget that “everyday” problems like food insecurity persist (and, in fact, could be worse at this time due to the downturn in the economy). IMA Urgent Care Centers and Primary Care Offices in New Jersey hasn’t forgotten, though, and are working with a local nonprofit organization to host a Thanksgiving food drive, just as they’ve done in years past. The community has been invited through local media and the two partners’ social media to bring nonperishable food items to any of IMA’s locations, with emphasis on the fixings for a holiday meal such as canned gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, cake mixes, canned vegetables and the like. Press materials list the location and phone number of each IMA location, as well as a description of the services IMA is prepared to deliver on a walk-in basis. It all adds up to helping the communities where the locations are located and their employees live, giving the general public a rightfully positive opinion of IMA, and educating anyone who’s not familiar with the locations on where they can go for care. What are the needs in neighborhoods where your centers are located, and have you considered reaching out to prospective partners in public service efforts?

Remember the Less Advantaged as Thanksgiving Approaches—and Your Patients Are Likely to Remember Your Kindness
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