As 2020 was winding down, we all became aware of a widespread and highly alarming hack that has since been attributed to operators in Russia. While it does not appear to have been targeted at healthcare organizations, the fact that it happened at all should be a reminder of the potential risks you face with proprietary information, access to financial accounts, and HIPAA-protected patient information. Then there’s the whole issue of online censorship that has come up on the political front recently. Regarding the latter, it would be wise to verify that the settings on all your social media accounts are where you want them to be. One way to do this is to ask a colleague if you can see your profiles and posts using their device, to ensure you’re not unknowingly sharing things you’d like to remain private. (Facebook and other social media companies can sometimes alter your selections without you knowing, simply by introducing changes in their terms of service or adding new functionality since the last time you made your selections.) JUCM has published several articles that are highly relevant to these concerns. Now would be a good time to read any or all of the following in our archive:

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