When Scripps Health was hit by a cyberattack a few weeks ago, it sent workers scrambling to ascertain the security of sensitive patient health information, company files, and other protected or proprietary data. It’s also likely that the event shook the company’s sense of its own security, probably leaving some with a PTSD-like sense of dread. Needless to say, it also disrupted care at the hospitals and urgent care centers affected. While Scripps has been silent on how the attack occurred, the lesson for the urgent care operator is that anticipation and preparation are essential for minimizing risk and protecting your business. Is your IT team up to speed on current cybersecurity standards? Do you need to engage a specialist to assess (and maybe overhaul) your systems? JUCM published an article on this very topic not too long ago. You can read Education Is Key to Avoiding Increasingly Sophisticated Cyber Crime in our archive right now.

Recent Cyberattacks Should Be a Reminder: Prevention Is Far Less Costly Than Regret