Walgreens’ partnership with MedExpress and CVS Health’s acquisition of Aetna have some analysts wondering if the drugstore kingpins might up their clinical game and try to enter the urgent care marketplace in a substantive way, according to a new article in Forbes magazine. As we’ve told you, Walgreens is already running a pilot program with MedExpress to operate urgent care centers in 15 drugstores in Nebraska, Nevada, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. In each location, MedExpress centers open next door to a Walgreens. Both companies are mum on whether Walgreens will open more urgent care locations, either in their stores or in partnership with MedExpress. Likewise, CVS hasn’t confirmed plans to offer urgent care-type services in any of its locations, but has acknowledged that it is looking at ways to offer healthcare services at its stores, according to Forbes.

Post Megadeals, Pharmacy Giants May Be Looking More Closely at Urgent Care
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