Results of efforts to get Americans vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus have been mixed. While New Mexico has administered at least one dose to roughly 78% of its population, Alabama has only done so with 47% of its residents, according to the COVID Data Tracker on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website. While there have been issues with rollout in many states, March data from the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Vaccine Monitor show 20% of people across the country will either “definitely not” get the vaccine or will do so “only if required,” regardless of its availability. Recognizing this, Aetna circulated a short list of methods to help patients overcome vaccine hesitancy to its “healthcare partners” recently. Those tips include:

  • Explaining the advantages of getting the vaccine for the patient
  • Offering information about COVID-19 and the vaccine
  • Reassuring patients they would be helping others by getting the vaccine
  • Acknowledging and addressing patient barriers
  • Offering educational resources to counter misinformation

Aetna also put together a page of Vaccine Resources for Providers that might be helpful.

Patients Still Struggling with Vaccine Hesitancy? See if Facts Can Cut Through the Fog
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